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Wat-er Blast Home Cleaning Bundle with Microfibre Cloths, Disinfectant Spray, Hand Sanitiser and BBQ Cleaner

Wat-er Blast Home Bundle

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Want cleaning made easy? This has everything you need to keep your home looking and feeling clean and fresh!

Our very own disinfectant cleans, deodorises and leaves a luscious lemongrass scent. Pair this up with the BBQ Cleaner, our all-purpose cleaner with a bit more oomph! Finally bring back the sparkle and shine with Wat-er Blast Window Cleaner! For on the go our handy gel cleans that don't dry out hands! To top it all off you can polish and buff your home back to perfection with our NEW microfibre goodies.

What's included?

1 x 500ml BBQ Cleaner RRP $14.95 $8.97

1 x 500ml Window Cleaner RRP $12.99 $7.79

2 x 750ml Disinfectant Sprays RRP $10.99 $6.59

6 x 100ml Hand Sanitisers RRP $24.99 $14.99

1 x 3 in 1 Interior Mitt RRP $14.95 $8.97

2 x Glass Microfibre Cloth RRP $15.50 $9.30

  • 350 GSM 
  • 40 x 40 cm 

3 x Waffle Microfibre Cloth  RRP $19.99 $11.99

  • 350 GSM
  • 40 x 40 cm 

10 x Mini Microfibres  RRP $9.00 $5.40