Technician High Pressure Cleaning Deck Technician High Pressure Cleaning Deck
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Deck Maintenance

Decks are a great place for entertaining but the harsh Australian weather can affect the condition of these entertainmemnt areas. Through our deck rejuvenation process we remove any build-up of mould and the spores causing the mould to grow and inhibit the deck. It's not just a face lift, but an investment in the health and longevity of the structure. Protective coatings and oils are then added in your choice of finish, to ensure your deck is kept looking spick and span.

Before and After of Timber Deck

Our Process

1. The first step in the rejuvenation process is to prepare the deck by ensuring we strip away any old membrane coatings or residues from previous sealant applications, preparing the timber for a deep clean. 

2. A full chemical clean is then provided with a high pressure wash enabling the surface of the deck to be primed and ready for its new application of decking oil. Through this process we also remove any build-up of mould and the spores causing the mould to grow and inhibit the deck in the first place. Win-win in our eyes! 

3. This is where your deck starts looking like its makeover is almost complete with the application of our tried and tested decking oils. We can provide a variety of oils and coatings including linseed and lanolin, but if you’re not too sure, our expert team will guide you through the selection process ensuring you get the best result to suit the personality of your house and its occupants. If you consider yourself to be a bit of a deck-spert, we welcome that! We can also reapply and provide membrane coatings such as aqua deck if this is your preference. For all the non deck-sperts out there read on to understand the nitty gritty details of the Wat-er Blast way of rejuvenation ... 

Technician Jet Blasting Timber Steps

Sanding vs BLASTING

Sanding is a great method of removing old membrane coatings and preparing your deck. However, high pressure water cleaning also provides great results and is more cost effective in terms of labour and equipment required for the job. It is also easy for yourself or us to provide the ongoing maintenance of applying the next coating. 

Technician Applying Oil to Timber Deck

Membrane vs Oil

Oil based coatings such lanolin oil are absorbed into timber where as solid coatings leave a membrane on the surface, similar to a coat of paint. Whilst these coatings can initially provide a good appearance, timber outdoors continuously swells and shrinks causing a surface coating to flake and break away - leading to more future maintenance.

We trust and use Deck Doc products who specialise in the development and manufacture of the finest blends of timber preserving oils. These unique products seal in and protect the natural beauty of timber, providing durable long-term protection under Australian conditions. They have become the leading timber restoration and protection solution. Specified by Architects, Government Departments and City Councils. You can also purchase their products on our site if you prefer to DIY!

Before Photo of Garden Timber Deck


After Photo of Garden Timber Deck


So whether it needs a freshen up in time for spring or a full once over, our deck refurbishment services will bring the life back into your outdoor sanctuary. Our highly trained and experienced team come to you utilising our uniquely designed and engineered, custom built mobile units and cleaning equipment. Our scientifically developed chemicals in combination with our master techniques ensure efficiency and quality are always achieved.

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