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Oil, Diesel, Graffiti, Chewing Gum & Paint



Oil Spill Clean Up

Oil Spills

Wat-er Blast is fully equipped to respond to any liquid chemical hazard spills. We can be your emergency call out service making sure any oil spill clean up is handled quickly and effectively reducing potential negative public response. Complying with EPA standards we utilise drain blockers and all debris is properly removed and disposed of.

Diesel Spill Clean Up

Diesel Spills

Utilising our custom built mobile units we clean diesel areas using a tough chemical and heat to lift and remove any diesel stains. This reduces slipperiness and improves the safety of your forecourt. As part of our service we can also clean and wipe down all fuel pumps and bollards to remove any dirt and pollutants.

Emergency Call Outs
Our extensive service to the fuel industry has given us the experience and insight necessary to enable us to clean the almost impossible. From a minor fuel or oil leak to an environmental emergency, Wat-er Blast is available to manage the whole response process from initial assessment, clean up, and disposal with environmental responsibility in mind. Our services comply with all relevant environmental protection obligations, from clean up to waste transport and ultimate disposal. From oil and paint spills to working at factory level heights and above, the Wat-er Blast team is equipped an experienced to meet your industrial cleaning needs.

Removing graffiti from your commercial property is crucial as it causes negative customer impressions and a poor business reputation. Our chemicals and technology can quickly and effectively remove graffiti which also helps in the prevention of further anti-social behaviour and property destruction.

Graffiti Removal
Graffiti Removal
White Graffiti on Grey Lockers
Graffiti Removed from Grey Lockers
Blue Graffiti on Wooden Fence
Blue Graffiti Removed from Wooden Fence
Chewing Gum

Chewing gum attracts dirt and grime creating unsightly marks and an unhygenic environment. All this can lead to negative customer impressions of your store. Our advanved pressure and heat technology quickly lifts and removes chewing gum from surfaces creating a more hygenic environment.

Chewy Removal
Chewy Removal

Whether you've had an accidential paint spill or need old line markings removed to improve traffic management - we've got you covered. Our advanced technology effectively removes paint stains and paint line markings for a freshen up. Not only does this improve the look and feel of your commercial environment but safety and traffic flow as well.

Line Removal
Line Paint Removal
High pressure cleaning is one of the most effective and environmentally friendly ways to keep your commercial environment clean. Our cleaning methods are an excellent way of removing stubborn stains as well as unwanted bacteria - and unlike many other providers our high pressure diesel machines are readily mounted in the van, working up to 5000 PSI, 23 LPM and 130°C. Not only does this help reduce our water usage but makes us more efficient saving you time and money!

We are a trusted emergency call out service in the transport and logistics industry using our own degreasing and cleaning agents to find the custom solution for you - quickly! So if this ever happens to you there's no need to panic we've got you covered.


If you have an emergency please call 1300 372 711 now for our emergency response team.

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