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Wat-er Blast was founded in 2008 and started out by simply cleaning house bricks for builders such as Porter Davis and Metricon.

By 2010, we had recognised a significant void in the market for providing upkeep and appearance of many businesses including shop fronts, fuel sites and public car washes. It was obvious that there was a lack of professional and highly qualified high-pressure cleaning services, that met the high standards required to carry out the work and ongoing maintenance to companies striving for high standards of operations and appearance for their customers.

Equipped with this knowledge we extended our services to the retail markets, in particular the Petrol and Convenience industry, servicing retailers such as 7-Eleven Stores Australia Pty Ltd. We have now completed the cleaning of all their Victorian sites that were converted from Mobil sites to 7-Elevens, in addition to many of their existing sites. In March 2012, we commenced a program with them that now sees every Victorian 7-Eleven CBD site cleaned monthly.

Like you, we are also very passionate about our environment and ensure we comply with EPA standards. We are very conscious of where all these materials end up, generally finding their way into open drains, waterways and eventually out into our oceans. To combat this, we invested a large component of our R&D budget into developing the latest in mobile vacuum solutions that provide us with the ability to remove all excess water and especially chemicals that we use on the job.

Once we had established ourselves within the Victorian business sectors, we expanded our services and are now nationwide. This assures our clients consistency in their standards of external cleanliness throughout their sites in each state.  

By 2020, our passion saw us develop our business further by launching our own line of Wat-er Blast products. 

Opening Times: Mon-Fri (9am-4pm) Sat (9am-12pm)

Address: Unit 4, 10 Technology Drive, Arundel, QLD, 4214.


Phone: 1300 372 711