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Your solar panels take the brunt of all the outside elements attracting dirt, dust, pollen, bird droppings, mould spores and if you live by the coast, salt also becomes a problem for your panels! The most cost-effective way to increase the efficiency of your solar electricity system is to have regular solar panel cleanings.
Cleaning your solar panels can be complex task and often has access requirements. Staff and customer safety are our number one priority. We always ensure we conduct safe work practices and all of our technicians cleaning your panels have Working At Heights certifications.
Why Is Solar Panel Cleaning So Important?

Without proper care and attention your solar panels productivity will decline as dirty solar panels block sunlight from reaching the photovoltaic cells causing a reduction in the amount of energy output. So not only is cleaning your solar panels cosmetic, but also essential to keep them operating and get the best out of your system!

Increase Your Solar Panel Performance By Up To 40%!

How do we clean solar panels?
We believe the Wat-er Blast way of cleaning solar panels will give you the best result! We clean using low-pressure water in combination with a light pH neutral solution, in fact we use our very own Blast Foam, which acts as a lubricant to prevent scratching of the glass when organic matter is washed off. Don’t worry like you we are also passionate about our environment and consider where everything we use ends up so with this in mind, we designed our Blast Foam product to be biodegradable!
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Blast Foam

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planned maintenance
Having your solar panels professionally cleaned should be part of your annual home upkeep to ensure your system is running at optimal efficiency and producing maximum power. In fact, a professional annual clean can make your solar panels up to 40% more efficient.

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