Wheel & Tyre Care Kit (5402932805795)
Wheel & Tyre Care Kit (5402932805795)
Wheel & Tyre Care Kit (5402932805795)
Wheel & Tyre Care Kit (5402932805795)

Wheel & Tyre Care Kit

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This care kit is all you need to light up those tyres! 

This duo contains Kenotek Tyre and Plastic Gloss and Kenotek Wheel Cleaner OR Wheel Cleaner Ultra 

Kenotek Tyre and Plastic Gloss 1L

  • high quality 
  • provides deep gloss to external bumper, rubber and plastic surfaces
  • can be used as an engine dressing 

Apply with fluff free applicator and buff in until dry. 

Option 1 - Kenotek Wheel Cleaner 1L

  • strong RTU cleaner for rims
  • removes black deposit and road grime
  • safe to use

Spray the product on the surfaces, let is react. Rinse off well with sponge or high pressure. Never let dry. 

Option 2 - Kenotek Wheel Cleaner Ultra 1L

  • highly effective pH neutral wheel cleaner
  • fall-out remover
  • colour marking on the dirt (visual effect)
  • safe to use 

Always test on a small surface to test material resistance. 

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