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Tornado Cleaner

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Wat-er Blast Tornado Cleaner

Struggling to clean all those hard to reach places in your car interior? This little gizmo will change the way you think about cleaning!

  • Fun, fast and easy to use
  • Easily lifts and removes dirt and grime  
  • Releases fine mist of cleaning solution that does not oversaturate surfaces
  • Works effectively on dashboards, door panels, carpets, floor mats and in all those hard to reach places! Can also be used for car exteriors, engine surfaces, wheels and so much more! 


  • Pressure range: 60psi - 110psi 
  • 1 cleaning gun and 2 brushes included
  • Must be used with air compressor (not included)
  • Bottle capacity: 1L

    How to use:

    • First remove loose dirt and litter with a vacuum 
    • Follow dilution instructions of your desired cleaner 
    • Fill Wat-er Blast's tornado cleaner bottle with diluted cleaner 
    • Connect your to air compressor to the valve on the tornado cleaner 
    • Squeeze the trigger to allow release of the diluted cleaner 
    • Control the quantity of cleaner released with the trigger 
    • Use a circular motion over the desired surface 
    • If heavily soiled allow to dwell for 10 seconds 
    • Use microfiber towel to absorb excess liquid 
    • Allow surface to completely dry 

    One size

    Disclaimer: Always test on a small area first to ensure desired results are achieved. Keep in the shade out of direct sunlight and keep the surfaces cool.