500mm Long Cast Lance with handle

ST-78 Longcast Lance 500mm

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The Longcast Lance can be connected to either a low-pressure pump or a high-pressure pump or the existing water network.

It works in the medium pressure range and has been specially designed for intensive use thanks to its very good stability, easy handling, and compactness.

The handle enables the water jet to be continuously adjusted during operation. You can regulate between a wide throwing point jet or a progressive, conical spray jet. In order to achieve optimal cleaning results, the nozzle size must be adapted to the pump performance (pressure and water volume).

Product Description 1/4" M. Stainless steel. Longcast lance 850 mm with vented handle ST-29 Cool & Compact 330 mm, grip aside and nozzle protector made out of plastic without a nozzle. Max. 280 bar / 130 l/min / 100 °C.

Technical Details Stainless Steel Inlet: 1/2" Male Outlet: Nozzle Protector Max: 280Bar Max: 100°C Handle: 330mm WITHOUT NOZZLE