Kenolon Ceramic Shield V1 Box (4511523012698)
Kenolon Ceramic Shield V1 Box (4511523012698)

Kenolon Ceramic Shield V1 Box

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Kenolon Ceramic Shield is a super tough, durable coating of glass bonded to your paintwork for unbeatable protection and a liquid glass shine. The ceramic coating is invisible yet resistant and protects against all external pollutants including bird and bat droppings, traffic dirt, insects, salt and UV-rays. It also helps prevent scratches and swirl marks. The water repellent effect also ensures that dirt and dust does not cling to your paintwork. If you're looking for high quality long term protection then the Kenolon Ceramic Shield treatment is for you! 


  • Hydrophobic
  • Safe and non-toxic
  • UV and corrosion resistant
  • Improves gloss and deepens colour on paintwork
  • Can be applied at 5 – 30 degrees centigrade

What's included in the box?

  • 200ml Kenolon Pre Coat 
  • 30ml Kenolon Ceramic Shield V1
  • Microfiber towel