April Freebie! (6148338024629) (6693925781685)
April Freebie! (6148338024629) (6693925781685)
April Freebie! (6148338024629) (6693925781685)
April Freebie! (6148338024629) (6693925781685)
April Freebie! (6148338024629) (6693925781685)

Interior Cleaner & Mitt

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Interior Cleaner

Australian Made | Australian Owned 

Breathe a new lease of life into your vehicle interior with our Wat-er Blast Interior Cleaner & Disinfectant! Our product is designed to restore and protect your interior surfaces, bringing them back to life! This all in one cleaner does it all leaving a dry and matte finish with a lemongrass fragrance! This product is suitable for wheels, dashboards, door panels, consoles, stereos and more! 

  • Lemongrass fragrance 
  • Protects car interior surfaces 
  • Effortlessly lifts stubborn dirt, dust and grime 



    3 in 1 Interior Mitt

    Our multipurpose, multilayer and multicolour mitt is a fun way to finish off cleaning your vehicle. Step 1 - Dust. Step 2 - Polish. Step 3 - Glass. Easy as that! Make cleaning fun with this mitt!

    • 3 in 1
    • Fun to use 
    • Reusable and washable 

      26 x 18cm 


      How To Use:

      1. Spray onto the desired surface 
      2. Allow it to react and work its magic ... 
      3. Wipe off the interior cleaner with your cloth or mitt 
      4. Dab any excess dry with an absorbing towel