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Blast Foam

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🌟 Experience the Power of Blast Foam for a Spotless Clean! 🛡️

Introducing Blast Foam, the ultimate solution for achieving a spotless shine when paired with a Snow Blaster or Snow Thrower! 🌬️

🇦🇺 Australian Made | Australian Owned 🇦🇺

Get ready for a deep clean like never before! Blast Foam creates a thick layer of foam, lifting and removing dirt and grime for a flawless finish. Say goodbye to scratches and hello to a showroom-worthy shine!

✨ Here's why Blast Foam is a game-changer: ✨
🌪️ Safely and easily removes salt to protect against corrosion
🛡️ pH neutral foam that preserves waxes, sealants, and coatings
✨ Safe to use on a variety of surfaces, including polished metal, alloy, vinyl, rubber, plastic, glass, and paint (yes, even matte finishes!)
♻️ Meets biodegradable standards, ensuring eco-friendly cleaning
🎉 And the best part? It's fun to use!

Available in 1L, 2L, and 4L sizes, Blast Foam is your go-to solution for a squeaky-clean ride!

🔧 How to Use:
1️⃣ Fill your Blaster or Thrower with 950ml of water
2️⃣ Add 50ml of Blast Foam (or more for extra foaminess!)
3️⃣ Swirl the bottle well to mix the product
4️⃣ Connect your Blaster to your pressure washer or your Thrower to your garden hose
5️⃣ Achieve a luxurious foam by adjusting your Blaster to negative (-) or your Thrower to no. 5
6️⃣ Apply Blast Foam all over your vehicle and let it work its magic for 5 minutes (but don't let it dry!)
7️⃣ Rinse off with clean water, working from the bottom up, and be mindful around rubber seals and trims
8️⃣ Witness the magic of a squeaky-clean finish!

Don't settle for ordinary cleaning products. Elevate your cleaning game with Blast Foam and achieve a spotless shine every time! Grab your bottle of Blast Foam today and experience the difference. ✨

    💦  Snow Thrower Bundle (For Garden Hoses)

    💦  Snow Blaster Bundle (For Pressure Washers) 


    Disclaimer: Always test on a small area first to ensure desired results are achieved. Keep in the shade out of direct sunlight and keep the surfaces cool. 


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