500ml Green Interior Cleaner and 3 in 1 Mitt 500ml Green Interior Cleaner and 3 in 1 Mitt

How To Clean Your Interior

Black Rubbish Bin

Remove Rubbish

Who doesn't love a clean car? We're in and out of it everyday to get to work, school, run errands ... the list goes on. So here's a basic run down to keep your interior feeling fresh and clean throughout the week. Firstly, remove all personal items and throw away rubbish. The more you remove, the easier it will be to clean.

Black Plastic Floor Mat Getting Pressure Cleaned

Remove Mats

Pets? Kids? Muddy Boots? Your floor mats are probably the most important thing to clean so if you're one of those people who has never washed their floor mats, it's time to step up your game! Vacuum and wipe down all material mats. For hard plastic mats, its best to use disinfectant with a pressure hose or garden hose and brush.

Cream Leather Car Seats Getting Vacuumed


Vacuum all loose dirt from your carpets and upolstery (don't forget the boot!). Use your brush attachment to get into corners and edges. Use a crevice attachment to get into cracks and crevices such as side door pocket and cup holders.

500ml Green Interior Cleaner Bottles

Clean Surfaces

In order to make your car germ-free, it's important to disinfect all hard surfaces. Our interior cleaner effortlessly lifts stubborn dirt as well as disinfects and leaves a fresh lemongrass scent! Simply spray onto your dashes, consoles etc and wipe off with a microfibre.

Green Spray Bottle of "Interior Cleaner"
Interior Cleaner (5727500697763)
Interior Cleaner (5727500697763)

Interior Cleaner

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Our Tornado Cleaner is the easiest way to clean all those hard to reach places. It works with your air compressor to release a fine mist of cleaning solution into crevices without oversaturating surfaces. Perfect for seats, dashboards and door panels.

Tornado Cleaner

Wipe Windows

Tired of streaks? Spray a window cleaner onto all windows and mirrors and wipe with a microfiber cloth. Or use a budget at home solution of water and vinegar! Use a squeegee to remove excess water, if necessary.

Window Cleaner

Protect surfaces

Keep your surfaces protected for longer. Our Vinyl & Leather Conditioner is designed for use on plastics and leathers. Spray onto the desired surface and for a matte finish rub surfaces with a dry fluff free cloth. Do not use on steering wheels or pedals.  

Vinyl & Leather Conditioner
Water Cleaning Windows

squeaky clean!

And you're done! You've successfully cleaned your interior, and now you can enjoy your car to the fullest!