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Kenotek Cargo 4100 Forté (5650662555811)

Kenotek Cargo 4100 Forté

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Unique touchless cleaning product perfect for cleaner agriculture machinery and equipment. 

Kenotek Cargo 4100 Forté

  • Powerful touchless cleaner
  • Great degreasing properties 
  • Perfect for removing heavy road grime and dead insects 
  • Ideal for earthmoving, agriculture, trucking and mining 
  • Safe to use on all paints and chrome but take car when using on mirror polished, untreated aluminium as the product could leave a white veil or stain the aluminium.

4L |10L | 20L*

*Store Only 


Disclaimer: Always test on a small area first to ensure desired results are achieved. Keep in the shade out of direct sunlight and keep the surfaces cool.