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Deck Doc Heavy Duty Timber Oil Kit (4678204653658)
Deck Doc Heavy Duty Timber Oil Kit (4678204653658)
Deck Doc Heavy Duty Timber Oil Kit (4678204653658)

Deck Doc Heavy Duty Timber Oil Kit

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  • Superior Timber Cleaner 

Cleans and revitalises timber decks and furniture. Removes sun bleached discolourations, stains, grease and dirt. Kills mildew and algae. Neutralises previous cleaners and waxes. Prepares the surface for oil applications. Will not kill aquatic life, plants or lawns

  • Heavy Duty Timber Oil 

Developed to withstand extreme weather conditions. Suitable for rough sawn timber as commonly used on post and rail fencing. This product seals in the natural oils and tannins as well as preserves the timber's colour and natural beauty. This is an antifungal, anti-mould and fire retardant formula. It does not contain artificial colour pigments or toxic drying agents. Graffiti resistant. 

  • Complete Applicator Starter Kit

Easy Mop Head professional universal swivel mop head with velcro attachment. Genuine Lambs' Wool Applicator for applying oil thinly and to avoid over application. Cleaner pad for removing built up dirt and grime. Oil Scouring Pad for working the wet oil into the timber to assist absorption, deeper penetration and drying time. Microfibre Buffing Pad for buffing up surface and wiping down surface to remove any excess oil. 

Everything you need to clean and oil. Coverage for 10 - 15 sqm per litre.

Heavy Duty Timber Oil available in 10L + 2kg Timber Cleaner + Applicator Kit