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Dec Doc Applicator Starter Kit
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Dec Doc Oiled Outdoor Furniture

Deck Doc Applicator Starter Kit

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Applicator Starter Kit for cleaning and oiling on decks and other timber structures. 


  • Easy Mop Head professional universal swivel mop head with velcro attachment. All pads are interchangeable for easy press on/peel off use.
  • Genuine Lambs’ Wool Applicator. A thin fleece pad for applying oil thinly and to avoid over application.
  • Cleaner Pad. A course heavy-duty pad for removing built up dirt and grime.
  • Oil Scouring Pad. For working the wet oil into timber. This is an important process to assist absorption, deeper penetration and drying time. Master craftsmen use this procedure for a professional finish.
  • Microfibre Buffing Pad. For buffing up the surface and wiping down the surface to remove any excess oil.

Dimensions 23 x 23 x 26 cm