Truck Wheel Getting Pressure Washed

What Is Touchless Washing?

Washing Truck With Brush

The conventional method (or what we like to call the bucket and sponge method) is the process of applying soap to your vehicle, agitating the dirt using either a sponge or broom, then rinsing it off using clean water. We’re all familiar with this method and it can seem like a quick and easy solution to reach for but ... we believe there's a better way. 


The touchless method applies soap through a high pressure foamer and then leaving it to dwell in order to break down dirt and grime. Clean high pressure water is then used to agitate the dirt and rinse it away. Touchless washing allows surfaces to be cleaned where a broom cannot reach and is often more efficient and effective than conventional washing so read on! 

Touchless Washing Truck Wheel


Saving time is SO important! Whether its to cut labour costs on a work site or simply more free time to do what you love - touchless cleaning is the way to go! Spray on, let it dwell, spray off ... it's really that simply. 


Use this section to explain a set of Touchless washing can also be cheaper as you only use what you need. 50-100ml of product in a standard foam cannon should get round a whole car! So no more wasted product slopping around in a bucket or split in the driveway.


No elbow grease required so you can enjoy your weekend without breaking a sweat. This benefit also correlates with reduced costs on a work site, as
less physical labour equates to less man hours needed to clean your trucks. 


No brush means no micro scratches created due to continual brooming. No bucket means no chance of any grit working its way onto your sponge and getting rubbed into your paintwork ... ouch!