Selection of Blue and Grey Microfibre Cloths and Towels

Basic Microfibres

You Need For Your Vehicle

Listen up if you're not already using microfibres to clean and protect your ride, then you're seriously missing out. These babies are the secret to getting your car's surfaces looking brand spanking new, without leaving any ugly streaks or causing damage. But with so many different types out there, it can be tough to figure out which ones you need in your toolkit. Fear not, because in this blog post, we're gonna hook you up with the basic microfibres that every self-respecting car lover should have in their arsenal. Get ready to take your detailing game to the next level!

Close Up of Rolled Grey Drying Towel

Drying Towel

Drying towels are designed to absorb water effectively and gently dry the surface without causing any damage. Scratches are often caused during the washing and drying process which is also why we recommend a foaming applicator over your regular bucket and sponge. Microfibre drying towels are plush and soft, making them an excellent choice for drying your vehicle without causing any damage.

One of the key benefits of using a large drying towel is its large surface area. The towel's ability to cover a larger surface area means you can dry your vehicle quicker, which reduces the risk of water spots and streaks forming.

Microfibre towels are made from synthetic fibers that are incredibly absorbent, making them a great choice for drying your car. The best method to use a microfibre drying towel is to lay it out flat and use the absorbent surface area to pat dry your vehicle gently.

As you can see this is an essential tool for anyone who wants to maintain their car. Their plush, soft design is used to prevent micro scratches during the drying process. Make sure to choose a large towel with a good GSM!

Large Drying Towel Microfibre Cloth Grey with Blue Lining
Rolled Large Drying Towel Microfibre Cloth Grey with Blue Lining
Large Drying Towel Microfibre Cloth Grey with Blue Lining Closeup

Large Drying Towel

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What does gsm mean?
You might come across a GSM rating when you are shopping around for your next microfibre. GSM, or grams per square metre, measures the density of the microfibre towel. As a general rule the higher the GSM the thicker, softer and more absorbent the microfibre cloth will be. A higher GSM is more suited to a drying towel and a lower GSM e.g., 1000GSM and a lower GSM e.g., 250GSM is mire suited to a heavier cleaning task.
Close Up of Blue Threaded Wash Mitt Cuff

Wash Mitt

Having a microfibre wash mitt is a great asset for your microfibre kit. While we recommend touchless washing as much as possible sometimes that dirt and grime needs a bit of a helping hand and a wash mitt is a better alternative to a sponge.

Microfibre wash mitts are made from ultra-soft and plush microfibre noodles that are gentle on your car's paintwork. These noodles work to lift dirt and grime from the surface of your car, without scratching or damaging the paint. The microfibre material also holds onto dirt and grime, so you won't be spreading it around on your car's surface.

A mitt with an elasticated cuff is a great choice to prevent the mitt slipping off during use. This is an essential feature as it allows you to maintain a good grip on the mitt, reducing the risk of dropping it and causing damage to your car.

Finally, densely packed microfibre noodles on a wash mitt ensure maximum levels of shampoo suds, making it easier to clean your car. The suds help to lift and remove dirt and grime from your car's surface, leaving it looking clean and shiny. The optimal glide of the wash mitt also makes it easier to move around your car's surface, reducing the amount of effort required to clean it thoroughly.

Soapaholic Wash Mitt Microfibre Towel Cloth For Car, Bike and Boat Care
Soapaholic Wash Mitt Microfibre Towel Cloth For Car, Bike and Boat Care Close Up
Soapaholic Wash Mitt Microfibre Towel Cloth For Car, Bike and Boat Care Close Up

Soapaholic Wash Mitt

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Waffle Cloth

Cloths with a waffle structure are great for drying and can also be used for polishing and applying finishes.

The waffle weave absorbs water, which means you can dry your car much more quickly and efficiently than with a regular towel. The waffle structure glides smoothly but with less contact on the surface the vehicle. It is still able to soak up each and every drop of water but there is less likelihood of any damage occurring to the paintwork in the drying stages. 

In addition to drying your car surfaces, waffle cloths can also be used for polishing and applying finishes. The waffle structure of the cloth glides smoothly to buff in any products. Additionally, the absorbent nature of the cloth makes it great for applying products such as wax, as it will soak up any excess product and leave behind a nice, even coat.

One of the biggest advantages of using a waffle cloth for drying your car is that it is less likely to scratch or damage the paintwork. Regular towels can be rough and abrasive, which means they can leave behind swirl marks or other damage if not used properly. Waffle cloths, on the other hand, are much softer and gentler on your car's surface, which means you can dry your car with confidence.

Grey Waffle Microfibre Cloth Towel
Three Grey and Orange Waffle Microfibre Cloth Towel
Grey Waffle Microfibre Cloth Towel Closeup

Waffle Microfibre Cloth

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Glass Cloth

When it comes to cleaning glass surfaces, using the right type of cloth can make all the difference.

The benefit of using a microfibre cloth for cleaning glass is that it is designed with a special knit that prevents damage and scratching. These fibers are designed to gently lift and trap dirt, dust, grease and other particles from the surface of the glass without scratching it.

Because of this, microfibre cloths are particularly effective at cleaning oily or greasy fingerprints from glass surfaces, which can be difficult to remove with traditional cotton cloths. This makes them ideal for cleaning windows, mirrors, and other glass surfaces in your home or office.

Blue Glass Microfibre Cloth Towel For Windows
Layer of Blue Glass Microfibre Cloth Towels For Windows

Glass Microfibre Cloth

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Finally, if you have a stock of microfibre cloths and towels we recommend investing in a microfibre wash. They provide a deeper clean than normal washing detergents and our specifically designed to remove all the dirt, oils and wax residues left behind by detailing products. It will also help increase the longevity of the cloths and towels you've invested in! Finally, make sure to follow the instructions and always air dry your cloths and towels to keep them performing for longer! 

Selection of Grey and Blue Microfibre Towels