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Love Your Bling Truck?

How to Keep It Looking Its Best!

STEP BY STEP process

If you have a foam gun, use it. If you don't have a foam gun, get one.

A foaming applicator is the best tool to give you a scratch free finish and touchless clean getting up to all those hard-to-reach places. Something like our Snow Blaster or the Suttner Foam Lance are perfect for the job! The difference? Our Snow Blaster creates a thick foam and has a wide mouth and base for ease of use. The Suttner Foam Lance is great for cleaning multiple trucks and cuts chemical composition by 50%.

Now you’ve got that sorted it’s time to fill it up with your choice of truck wash - ours in Foam Up Truck Wash.

It’s the perfect bling cleaning tool for vehicles with aluminium or stainless-steel tanks, bull bars, roll bars, side steps and rims to keep your ride gleaming. Pour the truck wash product into your applicator making sure to use the ratios listed on the label of the product and follow the specific manual guide for your applicator. Connect the foam applicator to your pressure washer and you’re ready!

Drum of Purple 4L "Foam Up Truck Wash"
Truck Foam infographic shows the range of Truck Wash products and the benefits of each product when cleaning your Truck Fleet. Featuring Wat-er Blast, Chief’s and Nerta truck range.
Drum of Purple 4L "Foam Up Truck Wash"
Foam Up Truck Wash

Foam Up Truck Wash

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Apply the product across the truck in a side-to-side motion, starting at the bottom and moving towards the top.

The best approach for applying the foam is to divide the truck into sections, focusing on one side at a time to ensure the product is not left to dry and bake into your shiny paintwork. Once it’s had a few minutes for the magic work rinse it off using the pressure washer, making sure to move from side-to-side, starting at the bottom and working your way to the top. Make sure to give the windows and mirrors a bit of extra TLC when to prevent any streaking.

PRO TIP: Patch test any new products to make sure it doesn’t leave a white veil or spots and avoid cleaning the trucks in direct sunlight on hot days. 

Remember not to neglect your wheels to keep those rims shining!

Spray on something like our Wheel Cleaner perfect to alloys to remove stubborn dirt, grime and brake dust from rims and hubcaps. A Wheel & Rim Brush with flexible bristles to get deep in between all of the tire grooves and make sure that they're sparkling clean.

Psssst ... want to know our best kept secret to a shiny bling truck?

Wax On. This formulated wax concentrate containing hard carnauba wax is the best after wash to make your truck shine! This product chemically bonds to the surface of your vehicle providing a protective coating and promoting water beading. Apply and rinse as above and watch your truck gleam!

Red Drum of Carnuba "Wax On"

Wax On

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