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How To Wash Your Truck

Let's face it, trucks get dirty and like cars they can be a hassle to clean, especially when you have more than one.

As truck cleaning professionals we have pretty much perfected the technique and are ready to share our tips and tricks with you! 

Snow Foaming Applicator Gun Spraying Heavy Duty Truck Cleaning Product onto a Truck


First thing's first: The Applicator. You're going to need a foaming applicator to apply all that foam to your truck and whilst some people do it by hand this is a time consuming and laborious activity so we advise against it. Cleaning by hand with a broom can also lead to scratches and prevents you from reaching all areas of the truck, whereas our technology provides an easy touchless clean!

We recommend either of the two options below, but if you are cleaning multiple trucks at a time we suggest the Suttner Foam Lance:  

Snow Blaster 3000

  • Attaches to a pressure washer
  • Creates a very thick layer of foam 
  • Wide mouth and base for ease of use

Suttner Foam Lance - Best for cleaning multiple trucks 

  • Attaches to a pressure washer
  • Creates a very thick layer of foam 
  • Cuts chemical composition by 50%
  • Metering valve for chemical mix settings means it can go to 1% dilution rate

Now that you've sorted your applicator it's time to move on to a Truck Wash, we stock a range of products that cater to a variety of needs.

Nerta Active Diamond Foam - Great All Rounder With Oomph!

Heavy Duty All Rounder Truck Cleaning Product in 4L Drum alongside a Heavy Duty Snow Foaming Gun

 Nerta Active Diamond Foam is the ultimate all rounder, it's a concentrated powerful alkaline exterior cleaner that has oomph! We recommend this product for those who are looking for a cleaning agent that does a bit of everything, as its creamy foam has extraordinary clinging capacity. 


Chiefs Australia Platinum Wash - Great for polished alloy! 

Snow Foaming Truck Wash for Polished Alloy in a 4L Drum
Chiefs Australia Platinum Wash is the cleaning solution for trucks and machinery with polished alloy and chrome. Some truck cleaning products can leave a white veil or sheen on the bull bar, side steps, aluminium tanks, etc, so Chiefs created this product as a solution.

Kenotek Cargo 4100 Forté - Great For Farming & Agriculture!


Heavy Duty Farming & Agriculture Snow Foaming Product with Heavy Duty Snow Foaming Gun
If you're driving through the mud on a daily basis Kenotek Cargo

Forté 4100 is the product for you. This product is the most diverse and powerful in our range, it is perfect for heavy road grime and dead insects and has degreasing properties that make it great for agriculture, mining, trucking and earthmoving.  

Nerta Carnet Jumbo - Great for light grime on cars and trucks!

4L Drum of Red Nerta Carnet Jumbo Truck and Machine Washing product
Nerta Carnet Jumbo is a highly concentrated alkaline cleaning agent that is great for the touchless cleaning of light grime on cars and trucks. This product has been formulated as a cleaning agent that removes static dirt, salt and road grime from paintwork. Jumbo will not leave streak marks due to its wax and anti-corrosion properties. 


Make sure to patch test any of the products and avoid cleaning the trucks in direct sunlight on hot days. 

Snow Foaming Applicator Gun Spraying Heavy Duty Truck Cleaning Product onto a Truck

The Method: 

- Pour the truck wash product into the foam applicator making sure to use the ratios listed on the label of the product. Take care to mix it by swirling rather than shaking, as this can cause the product to foam up prematurely.

- Connect the foam applicator to your pressure washer. Each pressure washer is different so make sure to select the correct adaptor when purchasing. 

- Once the applicator has been set up, begin applying the product across the truck. The best approach for applying the foam is to divide the truck into sections, focusing on one side at a time to ensure the product is not left to dry. 

- Apply the product onto the truck in a side to side motion, starting at the bottom and moving towards the top. Once the first half has been covered in foam and allowed to sit for several minutes rinse it off before it dries.

- To remove the foam rinse it off using the pressure washer, making sure to move from side-to-side, starting at the bottom and working your way to the top.
- Once you have completed these tasks on all sides of the truck make sure to rinse the windows again, this ensures the product has been completely removed from the glass and prevents streaking. 

- Finally, to make the shine last longer, apply a layer of Wax On over the truck using the foaming applicator with a ratio of 100ml of product to 900ml of water.

- Squeaky Clean!

If you'd prefer to hand the job over to the experts, give us a bell on 1300 372 711 as we perform fleet washing services in several states. 

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