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Winter Bundle

Winter Bundle

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The Winter Bundle includes a Snow Blaster 3000 & 1L Kenotek Snow Foam 

Kenotek Snow Foam Shampoo

Highly concentrated neutral foam shampoo 

  • Safe on all surfaces and hands 
  • Does not attack wax, coatings nor sealants 
  • Intense green apple perfume 
  • Creates thick creamy foam when used with the Snow Blaster 3000

Snow Blaster 3000

Wat-er Blast’s Snow Blaster 3000 lifts and removes dirt and grime for a touchless clean!

  • Fun, fast and easy to use
  • Creates a very thick layer of foam
  • Reduces swirl marks and scratches
  • Simply attaches to your pressure washer
  • Wide mouth makes the bottle easier to fill
  • Wider base means the bottle is sturdier, so it does not tip over
  • Regular snow blasting means dirt and grime will be easier to remove providing a spotless clean without scrubbing harsh materials into your paintwork


  • Brass fixtures
  • Adjustable spraying width
  • Adjustable foaming dilution rate
  • Pressure Range: 1600psi – 5000psi
  • Maximum water temperature 60 degrees centigrade 
  • Bottle capacity: 1L 

How to use:

  • Fill Snow Blaster 3000 with 980ml of water
  • Pour 20ml of Snow Foam Shampoo into the water to reduce foaming
  • Shake the bottle well and connect the Snow Blaster 3000 to your pressure washer
  • Adjust the Snow Blaster 3000 air mixture to achieve a nice thick foam
  • Apply the Snow Foam Shampoo all over the car and once completely submerged leave to sit for 5-10 minutes, but do not allow to dry
  • Rinse off with a strong jet of water from the pressure washer working from the bottom up, being careful around rubber seals and trims, then rinse off completely
  • Squeaky Clean! 

Adaptors for the Snow Blaster 3000 are sold separately and available for purchase on this website here