Truck Wash & Shine (5516394299555)
Truck Wash & Shine (5516394299555)

Truck Wash & Shine

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A Wat-er Blast truck detail includes:

Truck Exterior 

  • Two-step chemical wash and pressure clean to provide a complete wash
  • Deep wheel clean with Wat-er Blast Wheel Cleaner to restore your wheels to their former glory and brighten that alloy
  • A coating of Bio-polish to give your paint back its sparkle
  • A microfiber towel and mitt dry of your cab and body to get that ultimate polished finish
  • Exterior windows and mirrors cleaned and polished to bring back the sparkle
  • Tyres dressed to restore a deep black finish for even the most faded rubber

Truck Interior

  • Mats, carpet and seats vacuumed to remove all loose dirt and grime
  • Kenotek Interior Cleaner applied to get your dashboard and interior gleaming
  • Appropriate surfaces treated with Kenotek Vinyl and Leather Conditioner
  • Interior glass cleaned and polished to bring back the sparkle
  • Final perfume to give a new lease of life

Optional Extras - Detailing

  • Tank and alloy polishing
  • Plastic and trim restoration and treatment 
  • Machine cut and polish of body and cab 
  • Upholstery shampooing 
  • Paint protection 

If any of these optional detailing extras tickle your fancy then call us on 1300 372 711 or shoot us an email for more information.

Our truck wash and shine service is available within 30km of our North Geelong store and our store in Arundel on the Gold Coast. If you're interested in this service or any of our detailing services, simply give us a call on 1300 372 711 or shoot us an email.