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Showroom Shine Bundle
Showroom Shine Bundle
Showroom Shine Bundle
Showroom Shine Bundle

Showroom Shine Bundle

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Everything you need to get that showroom shine ... every time! 

Save 25% off RRP! 

The Ultimate Showroom Shine Bundle includes: Kenotek Brilliant Wash, Kenotek Showroom Shine & Kenotek Polish & Protect.  

Kenotek Brilliant Wash 1L 

High quality ph neutral shampoo with gloss effect 

  • water repellent, with wax effect
  • soft for the hands
  • low foaming
  • grapefruit perfume

Dilute 2 caps in a bucket of lukewarm water. Wash the car, rinse well and allow to dry. 

Kenotek Showroom Shine 1L 

Spray revitalises bodywork and gives a deep gloss to paintwork

  • removes fingerprints and dust
  • cleaning without water
  • can be used on all hard exterior surfaces of a vehicle
  • fast drying
  • easy to use
  • sweet peach perfume

Spray the spray polish on the car and dry off with a microfiber cloth. Suitable for all car surfaces. Anti-static. 

Kenotek Polish and Protect 0.4L 

Two in one polish 

  • removes impurities and small scratches 
  • ensures a deep gloss and high end protection 
  • can be applied manual or automatically 
  • easy to use 
  • pleasant perfume 

Apply with an applicator pad or cloth on a dry, clean and cool surface. Let the product dry. Buff away with a dry microfiber cloth. Avoid contact with rubber parts. 

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