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Home Deck Cleaning

Does your deck need a little love? Wat-er Blast provides high quality high pressure water cleaning and deck refurbishment services.

Our services include: 

1. Deck Preparation
Firstly, we strip any old membrane coatings or residues.2. Deck Cleaning 
We then provide a chemical clean and high-pressure wash so the surface of the deck is ready for a new application of decking oil.3. Deck Oiling 
We can provide a variety of oils and coatings including linseed oil and lanolin. We promote and advise decking oils however we can also reapply and provide membrane coatings such as aqua deck if this is your preference.4. Driveway Clean 
As part of our services we will also clean your driveway while we’re there!5. House soft wash 

Finally, we provide a house soft wash bringing your investment back to life!

Membrane Coatings vs Oiling

Oil based coatings such as linseed and lanolin oil are absorbed into timber whereas solid coatings leave a solid membrane on the surface, similar to a coat of paint. Whilst these coatings can initially provide a good appearance, timber outdoors continuously swells and shrinks causing a surface coating to flake and break away. This leads to more extensive deck maintenance in the future.  We therefore recommend to all of our customers to use oils such as Deck Doc to treat their decks. 


Sanding vs Pressure Cleaning

Whilst sanding is a great method of removing old membrane coatings and preparing your deck. High pressure water cleaning also provides great results and is more cost effective in terms of labour and equipment required for the job. As Deck Doc’s example illustrates below for sanding and oiling a 40m2 deck, we can provide the same service by pressure washing for more than 70% off that price. It is then easy for yourself or us to provide the ongoing maintenance of applying the next coating for a similar price mentioned in the video.

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