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Fuel station cleaning

We have significant experience in servicing businesses within the Petrol and Convenience industry, servicing retailers such as 7-Eleven Stores Australia Pty Ltd. Wat-er Blast is also fully equipped to respond to any liquid chemical hazard spills including fuel, oil and paint.

 Our services include:

  • Forecourt clean 

High pressure clean of the forecourt, apron and car park areas, removing any/all diesel/oil stains, chewing gum and any other build up of mould, dirt of grime from the area
    • Canopy clean 
    High pressure clean of the canopy, soffit, columns and pump areas.  Removing all the build up of grime and cobwebs from the area.
    • Store front clean

    High pressure clean of cages, windows, bin area, driveway, icebox, store mats, store front, walls, striping lights / eyebrow lights and windows.

    • Drains
    • Bin areas 
    • Fuel pumps
    • Chewy removal


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