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Fleet Vehicle Washing

Wat-er Blast provides the highest quality fleet washing services nationwide. We can maintain your fleet’s image with the latest in brushless truck washing products and methods from the USA and EUROPE. Brushless fleet washing ensures that your vehicle remains free from scratches that are caused by continual brooming and it allows surfaces to be cleaned where a broom cannot reach, but our technology can.

Our services include:

  • Fleet Washing
  • Polished Alloy
  • Underbody Cleans
  • Restoration / Detail Cleans
  • Cab / Body Polishes




Why choose Wat-er Blast?

  • Cost effective by using our highly qualified technicians and reducing truck drivers’ overtime
  • Tailored schedule to meet your needs whether it monthly, fortnightly or weekly
  • Hassle free as we come to you and wash your fleet onsite
  • Environmentally sustainable

If you're interested and would like a free quote, simply give us a call on 1300 372 711 or shoot us an email.