Disinfect & Sanitise

At Wat-er Blast we offer a range of services to assist with disinfection and sanitation. We can disinfect homes, workspaces, sports arenas, schools, commercial kitchens, shop frontages and internal truck cabins using our own Wat-er Blast disinfectant products. Regular disinfection services help prevent the spread of harmful bacteria and viruses.

COVID-19 Information

We understand that the advice surrounding the COVID-19 is constantly evolving and so we wanted to share some friendly advice and information on this page. We are continually changing to the way we work to ensure that we are doing our bit to keep our customers and staff safe.

Coronavirus is a protein molecule (DNA) covered by a protective layer of lipid (fat). We expose the virus by removing the outer layer of fat which will cause it to decay, stopping the spread.  

So, what removes that layer of fat?

Soaps and detergents cut through the fat, alcohol or alcohol mixture (over 60% ethanol) attacks and dissolves the fat, UV light breaks down fat and heat melts fat  

We also know that the active ingredients: quaternary ammonium compound,  sodium hypochlorite, providone-iodine and isopropanol work against COVID-19.

We know that coronavirus may be able to survive on surfaces for many days, so here are the aspects of your home, vehicle and office you should focus on disinfecting ... 

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