Car Wash Bay Maintenance

We use our master techniques and unique custom built mobile units to clean the internal and external areas of your car wash bay to ensure that your customers get a good first and lasting impression of your business.

Car Wash Bay Interior 

We remove all soap scum, mould, dirt and other debris off the walls, tiles, glass, floor, signs and exterior of your wash machine. Our team also removes all litter that has accumulated within the wash bay. 

Car Wash Bay Exterior

We remove all cobwebs, grease, oil stains and chewing gum from the exterior of the car wash bays. The entry and exit driveways are brought back to life with a hand clean of entry stands and surrounding bollards.

Not only can Wat-er Blast bring automatic car wash bays back to life, we can clean manual car wash bays, dog wash areas and external building structures. We can do it all!

With our knowledge, scientifically developed Wat-er Blast chemicals and master techniques you can be confident we will bring your investment back to life!