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Car Wash Bay Maintenance

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Using our master techniques and unique custom-built mobile units to clean the internal and external areas of your car wash bay we ensure that your customers get a good first and lasting impression of your business. Through our process we remove any build-up of organic material which not only causes staining but can even cause permanent damage to the structural integrity of your wash bay. So not only does our cleaning method leave your bay looking spotless but also helps to protect your investment for the future!

Our Process

Car Wash Bay Interior 

Firstly, we remove all rubbish, debris and organic material that has accumulated within the wash bay. We then clean all soap scum, mould and dirt from the walls, tiles, glass, floor, ceiling and exterior of your wash machine leaving it spotless!

Car Wash Bay Exterior

Entry and exit ways are brought back to life by removing cobwebs, grease, oil stains and chewing gum. We then clean and remove build-up of dirt and grime from the surrounding bins, bollards, kerbs and signs. Finally, we hand wash all the external lighting. We can also clean dog wash areas and external building structures.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ "Fantastic, prompt service from the very professional staff. Results exceeded my expectations. Highly recommend." – Pete

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We believe accidents are preventable and are committed to working with our employees to ensure that our business is conducted in a healthy and safe way for our staff and customers. We are committed to developing, maintaining and enhancing a Wat-er Blast Occupational Health and Safety Management system which includes: policies; safe systems of work; safe and adequate tools and equipment in addition to sufficient training and supervision to enable work to be carried out without risk .

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