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The Ultimate Kenotek Bundle Featuring Wheel Cleaner, Tyre & Plastic Gloss Cleaner, Interior Cleaner and Showroom Shine
Tyres & Plastic Gloss Cleaner in front of Mercedes Wheel
Kenotek Branded Image with Microfibre Cloth Wiping Silver Grey Car
Bottle of Kenotek Interior Cleaner in the interior of a Mercedes Car

The Ultimate Kenotek Bundle!

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All things Kenotek to transform your vehicle! The bundle includes: Kenotek's Showroom Shine, Interior Cleaner, Wheel Cleaner & Tyre & Plastic Gloss! 

Kenotek Showroom Shine 1L 

Spray revitalises bodywork and gives a deep gloss to paintwork

  • removes fingerprints and dust
  • cleaning without water
  • can be used on all hard exterior surfaces of a vehicle
  • fast drying
  • easy to use
  • sweet peach perfume

Spray the spray polish on the car and dry off with a microfiber cloth. Suitable for all car surfaces. Anti-static. 

    Apply with an applicator pad or cloth on a dry, clean and cool surface. Let the product dry. Buff away with a dry microfiber cloth. Avoid contact with rubber parts. 

    Kenotek Interior Cleaner 1L 

    • cleans thoroughly upholstery 
    • can be used on textile, plastic, leather ... 
    • removes the most stubborn stains 
    • pleasant perfume 

    Spray the product on the surfaces and let it react for some time. Work loose the dirt with a fluff-free cloth or brush. Dab dry with an absorbing towel. 

    Kenotek Wheel Cleaner 1L

     Strong RTU wheel cleaner

    • strong cleaner for rims
    • removes black deposit and road grime
    • safe to use

    Spray the product on the surfaces, let is react. Rinse off well with sponge or high pressure. Never let dry.  

    Kenotek Tyre & Plastic Gloss 1L

    High quality plastic and tyre renovator 

    • high quality 
    • provides deep gloss to external bumper, rubber and plastic surfaces
    • can be used as an engine dressing 

    Apply with fluff free applicator and buff in until dry.