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Why You Need A Grit Guard

A Grit Guard is an important, if not integral, part of the detailing process if you're using a Soapaholic Wash Mitt. When cleaning your vehicle's wheels, rims and panels you can pick up small stones and grit that if rubbed into the paint will leave swirl marks and even scratches.

A Grit Guard does exactly as the name suggests, it guards your vehicles from grit and other dirt. It sits at the bottom of a bucket (try our Detailing Bucket and Dolly) and prevents dirt, grit and other contaminants from sticking to your wash mitt.


Red, Round Grit Guard with a Wat-er Blast Square Bucket and a Blue Microfibre Wash Mitt


How does a Grit Guard work? 

1. It stops your Wash Mitt from touching the bottom of the bucket where the sediment has settled.

2. The fins reduce the current of the water caused by dunking your wash mitt, preventing the sediment on the bottom from being disturbed and keeping it away from your wash mitt.

3. The Grit Guard’s rough surface acts as washboard by dislodging any extra dirt from the wash mitt. 

The most effective technique for using a Grit Guard is to utilise the two-bucket method. One bucket contains soapy water, used to wash down your car, bike or boat, and the other has regular water and a Grit Guard at the bottom.

This second bucket is where, after each wipe down, you rinse the Soapaholic Wash Mitt. This prevents any contaminants that may enter the water from being put back onto the vehicle. Once you have rinsed the mitt out you can return to the original bucket and continue the process. 

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