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Keeping Your Windows Clean!

500ml Bottle of Blue "Window Cleaner" Product places on a Glass Microfibre Cloth sitting on top of a Mercedes in front of the Wat-er Blast Logo


Keeping your windows clean can sometimes become a full-time job, from gathering insects to dusty rain, there is always something making them dirty.

Most people will be tempted to get out the garden hose and a sponge but this can lead to streaking and a patchy clean, you'll be no better off than when you started! A sponge can also contain grit and sand, which may lead to scratches on the windows, paint and chrome accessories. 

That's where our Window Cleaner comes in! This Australian made and Australian owned product is designed to put the sparkle and shine back into your windows and glass surfaces in an easier and safer way. 

Our Window Cleaner is made to easily remove dust, fingerprints, residue, road grime and bird droppings. The perfected formula is great for use on glass and mirrored surfaces around the home and office as well as in your car! 

Every car fanatic should have a window cleaning/glass care product in their inventory.


Closeup of 500ml Bottles of Blue "Window Cleaner" Product


Wat-er Blast Window Cleaner is quick and easy to use, it prevents smearing and you'll get a streak free finish.

How To Use: 

1) Spray Wat-er Blast Window Cleaner onto desired surfaces, it'll work its magic, getting into all the nooks and crannies and banishing the dust and dirt!

2) Wipe off with a microfibre cloth. A top tip from us is to use a microfibre cloth rather than a rag or towel, they are lint free and will provide a much better finish!

That's it! It can really be as simple as that because our formula targets the dirt rather than just providing a lubricant to wipe it off with.

When the process is as simple as that, you would be foolish not to invest!

Our Window Cleaner also comes in larger 2.5L and 4L drums which you can find here!

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