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The Snow Blaster VS The Snow Thrower

Although the title might suggest this is a competition, these two products are actually hard to compare as each have their own individual benefits.  

The Snow Blaster 3000

Snow Foaming Applicator Gun Spraying All Terrain High Alkaline Content Snow Foaming Product onto a Blue Nissan Navara

The Snow Blaster 3000 is designed to attach to a pressure washer in order to remove dirt and grime. The pressure of the water combined with the adjustable nozzle for dilution and width creates a thick layer of foam that will completely coat your vehicle and leave it spotless. 

Whilst we have an older model, we recommend purchasing the Snow Blaster 3000 as it has a wider mouth and a wider base for ease of use. 

The Blaster isn't a one size fits all model and requires you to select the correct adaptor when you make the purchase. To find out which one works with your pressure washer, follow the link here.

Closeup of a Snow Foaming Applicator Gun for a Pressure Washer displaying the Dilution Dial and the Spraying Nozzle

The Snow Thrower

Snow Foaming Applicator spraying pH neutral car detailing product onto black Harley Davidson in front of Wat-er Blast Logo

The Snow Thrower is designed to attach to garden hoses and is the perfect alternative for those who do not have access to a pressure washer. 

This applicator allows you to apply a foamy soap to the entirety of your vehicle without utilising a sponge. Once your vehicle is sprayed in foam we recommend using our Soapaholic Wash Mitt to rub off any tough dirt or grime. 

Both are equally useful options but we recommend to our customers that own a pressure washer to get the Snow Blaster 3000. The reason for this is that a higher pressure of water will help to get rid of more dirt and grime than a lower pressure.  

Closeup of a Snow Foaming Applicator Gun Displaying the dilution optionsCloseup of a Snow Foaming Applicator Gun Displaying the Foaming Nozzle

The Comparison

Snow Blaster 3000

 Snow Thrower

Attaches to a pressure washer

Attaches to a garden hose

Creates a layer of thick foam

Creates a layer of foam 

Requires an adaptor

We recommend pairing with the Soapaholic Wash Mitt

Adjustable dilution rate and width/angle of the spray

Adjustable dilution rate

It is important to note that these products are not interchangeable and cannot be adjusted to fit to an alternative water source, e.g. a Snow Blaster will not connect to a garden hose.

Whilst they may have their differences, these applicators both provide a scratch and swirl free finish without needing to resort to a bucket and sponge. Whichever one you go for, your car, boat or bike will be squeaky clean!

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