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How To Use Our Motor Flush

Blue Jetski covered with Salt Wash Snow Foaming Product in Drivewat


Motor Flush is the ultimate tool when it comes to keeping your marine vehicle's engine clean, from boats to jet skis it gets the job done. 

After a day of fun out on the water it is important to remove any salt, as saltwater corrodes metal five times faster than fresh water does and salty, humid ocean air causes metal to corrode 10 times faster.

Flushing your engines after each use ensures that salt is removed, and internal corrosion and overheating issues are prevented.

Wondering how salt can lead to overheating? Salt deposits restrict water flow within the engine which results in ineffective heat exchange and leads to overheating. The heat of the engine also bakes salt onto its surfaces and flushing with fresh water isn't enough to remove it.

That's where our product Motor Flush comes in as it is designed to dissolve and flush away these salt deposits when used in combination with a Motor Flusher. To make things simpler, we also have a Motor Flush Kit which has everything you need in one bundle.

Bottle of Blue Marine "Motor Flush" with A Motor Flusher filled with the product in front of the Wat-er Blast Logo


How does it work?

1) Fill your Flusher with 50ml of Flush

2) Connect the Flusher to your garden hose and intake system

3) Set your Flusher dial to 'rinse', start your engine and turn on the water

4) Rinse your engine for a good 2 minutes in order to remove the initial build up

5) Set your Flusher dial to 1 of the 4 'feed' settings and let the Flush work its magic for 5 minutes

6) Finally, set your Flusher dial back to 'rinse' and turn on the water to rinse your engine clear ... squeaky clean!

 Check out this video to see Motor Flush in action.

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