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How to clean your boat and ski ⚓️


Now that we are heading into the warmer weather, it's time to start hitting the water again! 💦

Here’s an easy guide to quickly clean your boat or ski before cracking a cold one or enjoying your catch.


Jet Ski with Snow Thrower and Blue Salt Wash


If you wanting to save yourself a heap of time after a day out on the water, you'll want to get your hands on one of our BOAT BUCKETS containing all required products for a quick and through clean. 

Boat Wash bucket with Blaster


Let's get into the Method!


Using your SNOW THROWER 

  • Attaches to a garden hose
  • Creates a layer of foam for to reduce swirl marks and avoid scratches


  • Attaches to a pressure washer
  • Creates a very thick layer of foam 
  • Wide mouth and base for ease of use

Set your applicator up and connect to your water supply. 

Our products can be used simply with a bucket and water, but using the applicators will save you a lot of time and give you perfect clean. 

STEP TWO; Fill your applicator with SALT WASH 

This pH neutral product will thoroughly clean your machine by removing dirt and grime, without stripping any waxes, sealants, or coatings. Creating a thicker layer of foam will aid the deep clean to result in a scratch free finish, safely removing any salt to help prevent corrosion. 

Simply add 50mL of product to 950mL of water into your applicator and coat your machine. Cover your machine in SALT WASH foam allow the product to do its thing by leaving it on for 5 mins.

SALT WASH can be used simply with a bucket and water, just follow the same ratio and clean by hand. Note: using applicators such as snow thrower or blaster will be much more efficient, and provide the best results. 

Orange Salt Wash with brass applicators

STEP THREE; Use the SOAPAHOLIC Wash Mitt to give your machine a scrub if needed.  

Blue wash mitt

Easy to use and wash, with long strands to provide large surface area for the most efficient and seamless removal of dirt and grime, smear and scratch free!


STEP FOUR; Rinse! 💦


STEP FIVE; Vinyl and Leather Conditioner your seats with waffle microfibre cloth. 

Cleaning jetski

This water based silicone emulsion is designed for use on plastics, leathers and rubber tyres. Renew and bring your surfaces back to life with our Vinyl & Leather Conditioner. 

  • Water resistant
  • Leather fragrance 
  • Treats and renews plastics and leathers 
  • Perfect for jet skis as it does not create a slippery coating on leathers

How to use:

  • Spray onto the desired surface 
  • Distribute evenly and leave to dry 
  • For a matte finish rub surfaces with a dry fluff free cloth 
  • Do not use on steering wheels or pedals 

This water based silicone emulsion will help renew and bring back to life the plastic and leather surfaces on your machine. It does not create a slippery coating on leathers, proving it to be perfect for your jet skis and boats.  For best results, use a dry fluff free cloth, like our waffle microfibre cloth, to rub the treated surface.


STEP SIX; Add a little shine with ULTRA GLOSS ✨ for the perfect detailed finish. 

Ultra gloss cleaning jets

Our wax spray provides a hydrophobic coating and delivers a high-level gloss and spotless finish. This product cleans and protects your bodywork, enhancing paintwork and leaves surfaces spotless. 


  • Antistatic
  • Spotless finish
  • High-level gloss
  • Coconut fragrance 
  • Hydrophobic coating 
  • Suitable for all surfaces 
  • Removes dust, fingerprints and watermarks 

How to use:

  • Spray onto the desired surface 
  • Dry off with a microfibre cloth 
  • Easy as that! 

This wax spray is suitable for all surfaces, providing a hydrophobic coating and is able to remove dust, fingerprints and watermarks. Simply spray on the desired surface and dry off with a microfibre cloth to enhance paintwork and achieve a spotless finish!


Check out the video below to show you how to clean your boat and ski ⚓️💦 







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