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Caring for your 4WD

Dark Blue Nissan Navara Being Sprayed with Foam from a Snow Foaming Applicator Gun in front of a workshop with the Wat-er Blast logo


If you're like us and enjoy the muddier things in life, you'll be taking your 4WD out most weekends! That's all well and good but you can't bring the mud home with you.

Car washes can be pricey and they're not big fans of people dragging dirt through their wash bays. The garden hose can only do so much, and a bucket and cloth hardly make a dent in the kind of dirt and grease we're talking about. 

So, what's the solution? We'll let you in on a secret... It's called Foam Plus

Designed specifically for all terrain vehicles Foam Plus is a highly concentrated alkaline cleaning agent that cuts through mud, grime and grease, leaving your 4WD sparkling. 

Alongside Foam Plus you'll need a Snow Blaster 3000. Attaching to your pressure washer this snow foaming gun will get the foam into all the nooks and crannies. The Snow Blaster 3000 creates a thick layer of foam which prevents swirl marks and scratches and gets the job done in no time at all. 



Tacking a Wheel Cleaner onto your cleaning regime will get rid of all that grime and brake dust. Use this before you apply your foam for a full clean. 

For that extra shine you definitely want to invest in our Ultra Gloss, a hydrophobic coating that delivers a high level gloss and spotless finish that would be foolish to miss out on. 

Finishing up on the exterior sees us moving inside and as much as you might try to keep the dirt out, we all know it never quite goes to plan. Our all-in-one lemongrass scented Interior Cleaner has you covered, effortlessly lifting stubborn dirt and grime, protecting your interiors and even leaving a matte finish. 

Looking after your interior doesn't stop at cleaning it. Rehydrating and conditioning your leather and vinyl interiors is a key step in preventing cracking, brittleness and other damage caused by Australian summers. Check out our Vinyl & Leather Conditioner to find out more! 

With these products in your arsenal, you can rest easy knowing your precious 4WD is getting the best treatment on the market.

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