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All About Our Wheel Cleaner

Rev up your car with our Australian made and Australian owned Wat-er Blast Wheel Cleaner!

Pink "Wheel Cleaner" Spray Bottle in front of Harley Motorcycle
Road grime is constantly building up on our wheels as we travel to work, go for weekend drives and make the last-minute dashes to the shops for a midnight snack. Staying on top of it is the only option to keep your rims and hubcaps clean but scrubbing them down isn't the best technique and let's be honest, sometimes we don't want to put the effort in. 
Our fresh watermelon scented Wheel Cleaner gets into all those hard-to-reach places without having to put the elbow grease in. This non-acidic active foam formula is designed to tackle everything a road can throw at your wheels, removing dirt, grime and brake dust with an easy to use with a 500ml spray bottle. 
Pink "Wheel Cleaner" Spray Bottle in front of Mercedes Wheel


How to use: 

1) Ensure your wheels are cool before applying the product

2) Spray the Wat-er Blast Wheel Cleaner onto your wheels and your tyres, making sure to cover everything

3) Allow time for the product to work it's magic but do not let it dry

4) Rinse the product off well with water and watch the grime just wash away!

Simple as that but if you don't believe us, here's a video!

We stock our Wheel Cleaner in a handy 500ml bottle and for those looking for a long term relationship with their wheels we also have a 2.5L and a 4L Wheel Cleaner Concentrate.

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