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A Guide to Our Microfibres: How to Pick The Right One For You!

A microfibre makes every detailing job easier and heaps more fun. They serve as useful tools that can prevent watermarks and add extra shine to your car all whilst preventing scratches.

When it comes to the right microfibre, one size doesn’t always fit all. Everyone has different wants and needs when it comes to giving their car the perfect clean, and each microfibre has a different job to do.

To simplify the selection process, we’ve compiled a list of our high-quality cloths, towels and mitts so that you can find the perfect match and crack on with the cleaning! 

Soapaholic Wash Mitt

Microfibre Wash Mitt with Long Blue Strands and Embroidered Cuff


Our absorbent wash mitt is great for quick and easy washing! The long blue strands create a greater surface area for grabbing up more debris, easily lifting and removing dirt and grime from your vehicle surface. Not only will you get a great clean but a smear-free and scratch-free finish.

Drying Towel


Large Folded Grey Microfibre Towel with Blue Trim


Our Drying Towel comes in two sizes and effectively soaks up each and every drop of water! The premium microfibre technology lifts and traps residual dirt and grime minimising micro scratching to paintwork.

Waffle Microfibre Cloth

Three Stacked Orange and Grey Waffle Microfibre Towels


Our Waffle Microfibre Cloth is great for drying and can also be used for polishing and applying finishes! The waffle structure glides smoothly but with less contact on the surface the vehicle. It is still able to soak up each and every drop of water but there is less likelihood of any damage occurring to the paintwork in the drying stages.

Glass Microfibre Cloth

Five Stacked Blue Microfibre Towels


This super soft glass cloth is perfect for polishing your windows, mirrors and screens until they're glistening! Our absorbent glass cloth easily cleans and does not grab at glass surfaces promising you that streak, scratch and lint free finish!

 3-in-1 Interior Mitt


"Glass, Polish and Dust" Multi-Coloured Multi-Layered Microfibre Mitt


Make cleaning fun with this mitt. Our multipurpose, multilayer and multicolour mitt is a fun way to finish off cleaning your vehicle. Step 1 - Dust. Step 2 - Polish. Step 3 - Glass. Easy as that! 

Clay Bar Cloth

Folder Dark Grey and Blue Microfibre Towel


In need of a quick fix? Our Clay Bar Cloth quickly and easily removes stubborn debris and decontaminants from your paintwork. This innovative technology will restore your paint job back to its original and smooth glory in no time at all!

Applicator Sponge

Dark Grey Applicator Sponge with Blue Ergonomic Handle


The Applicator Sponge is an essential tool for your detailing kit! The ergonomic sponge provides a smooth and even application of your favourite dressing whilst its handle keeps your hands and fingers away from all the mess!

Pocket Applicator Pad

Circular Blue Cushioned Applicator Pads with Hand Pouches


Our Pocket Applicator Pad is perfect for applying polishes, waxes and sealants. The specifically designed soft cushioned foam guarantees a swirl and scratch free finish! This handy little applicator with snug hand pouch makes applying your favourite polish easier than ever!

Need more than one microfibre? No worries, we’ve got a couple of packs that might do the trick!


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