We offer a range environmentally friendly goods and services.

We comply with the follow stringent EPA standards in the following states:

  • Victoria
  • New South Wales
  • Queensland

We are passionate about the environment and where all this stuff heads off to, generally finding its way into open drains, waterways/storm water and eventually out into our oceans. The No.1 pollutant is what we, as consumers and inhabitants of this earth, put down drains and what we allow to enter our water ways through shear ignorance. This is why we have invested a significant percentage of our initial income stream into developing the latest in mobile vacuum solutions that provide us with the ability to remove all excess water and especially chemicals from our jobs – complying with EPA standards.

All our vans have been fitted with the latest in industrial technologies and environmentally friendly equipment. This allows us to recycle⁄remove upto 98% of the water⁄liquid that we use. It does not run off into storm water.

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