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Wat-er Blast was founded in 2008.

We started out as a small identity simply cleaning house bricks for builders such as Porter Davis, Metricon and independent builders.

In 2010 we recognized, with our many years of retail operations experience, a significant void in the upkeep and appearance of many businesses; shopping centres, retail sites, fuel/convenience sites, public carwashes, fast food outlets, as well as other public arenas. It was obvious that there was a lack of professional and highly qualified high pressure water cleaning services that met the high standards now required (WACG etc) to be able to carry out the necessary work on site and who are able to maintain an ongoing maintenance program in conjunction with high profile companies; companies that are continually striving to stay ahead of their competitors both in product offer and visual appearance and who are wanting to maintain high standards of operations and appearance for their customers.

In 2012, after introducing ourselves to the Victorian business sectors in 2010, we have now expanded our services to New South Wales and Queensland with plans to be able to service the other states respectively. This assures our clients consistency in the scope of works carried out and therefore consistency in their standards of external cleanliness amongst their sites and amongst the various states.

Equipped with this knowledge (and little else at this time) we expanded our operations to allow us to extend our services to the retail markets and, in particular, the Petrol and Convenience industry, servicing retailers such as 7-Eleven Stores Australia Pty Ltd. In conjunction with 7-Elevens maintenance team and associated program management companies, we have completed the cleaning of forecourts and canopies of all their Victorian sites that have been converted from Mobil sites to 7-Elevens as well as many of their existing sites. In addition to this, we have developed a preventative maintenance program with 7-Eleven, scheduling all of their fuel and non-fuel sites with periodic cleaning of store-fronts, forecourts and canopies so as to sustain a constant standard in external cleanliness. In March 2012 we commenced a program that now sees every Victorian 7-Eleven CBD site cleaned monthly.

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About Wat-erblast